Bid Magnet

Bid Magnet

Network Description

Bid Magnet is a self-serve advertising platform

Buy and sell worldwide web traffic

Wide variety of ad formats: pop up, pop under, banner, video ads, text ads, interstitial.
Traffic from almost any country, with over 50M daily advertising impressions on more than 30K websites.

Generate Online Sales and Leads

Traffic is suitable for various goods and services. Also, traffic shows itself particularly well on the verticals.
Mobile Apps and Games
Surveys and Sweeps

Target only relevant clients

1) Country and city filter – reach global audience or a particular city dweller
2) OS and Browser filter – want a unicorn? Linux users of Opera browser? We have some
3) ISP or IP range filter – get more precise targeting by IP range
4) Keyword filter – have converting keywords? Get your “quality leads”
5) Time filter – get impressions according to a particular time schedule
6) Language filter – talk one language with your customers
7) Platform id filter – blacklist websites that are not convertible for your campaign or whitelist the best one
8) Retargeting – nurture leads or re-engage existing clients to increase your revenue

Customers with real purchasing intent

Automatic monitoring and manual verification of traffic quality don’t allow any fraud impressions. Every day our people from the quality department analyze results. You can be sure that you get only real users who want to buy goods.

Sell us traffic

Website owners and webmasters
Toolbar and plugin owners
Ad networks
Affiliate marketers

Make money with Bid Magnet. We offer competitive rates, offers from direct advertisers, fast and simple integration.

Network Details

Commission Type:  CPA, CPM
Minimum Payment: $ 50
Payment Frequency: Net 15
Payment Method: Wire, Paypal, Webmoney, E-payments
Country: Russia
Contact: Email:
Skype: julia.bidmagnet
Telegram: @bidmagsupport

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