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Realkai – a standard banner advertising network which put Publisher’s benefits on top of priority list. This network has been widely recognized by 300+ happy publisher since they started operating in the market in 2014. The wise business strategy and dedication of the all team member to bring out the best services to customers growingly assure Realkai’s position in the market.

Realkai offers an outstanding monetization platform for publishers with both mobile and desktop traffic. Publishers are able to enjoy effortless monetization as Relkai leverages Real-time Bidding technology. Every piece of ad impression, be it premium, can fetch a maximum price. Publishers can also take advantage of different sizes of static, animated, vertical, and horizontal banners. Popular sizes include 350×250, 728×90, 300×50 while floating and some unique ad format which Realkai focuses on are ideal options for Publisher.

Realkai claims to provide the best quality and safe ads as by high accuracy detection for malicious advertising such as malware. On the other hand, as far as the quality of ads are concerned RealKai offers non-adult, friendly and non-intrusive ads to publishers.


Another important feature worthy to mention is their Publisher’s Dashboard. An uncluttered, friendly and eye-catching interface that naturally urges publisher to continue pursuing it along with an intuitive and granular report will definitely offer a great experience. Realkai also has the policies in saying no to other unprofessional activities such as Ad-Fraud (which generates fake ad impressions, clicks and conversions, simulate seemingly desirable traffic, hide ads, place them on undesirable sites, hijack mobile devices, simulate app installs, and more).

Benefits for Publisher:

  •  Real Time Bidding bring you the right demand for Publisher’s inventory with the highest CPM rates
  • Getting more money at RealKai with optimization algorithms which is continuously optimized for Publisher’s best of benefits.
  •  Publishers are connected to direct premium demand side and can get all the money that is meant for them.
  •  Keeping on  track of revenue with an up-to-the-minute dashboard.
  • Getting payment in-time easily happily.
  • Problem-Free with our dedicated personalized suppor team.
  • Passback tags (backup code) allowed to let you take advantage of every single impression.
  • User-friendly interface with innovative technology offers efficient ad inventory customizing.
  • Bot protection to help clean up your traffic and lift your reputation in Advertiser’s eyes.


We approve websites which is written in English, except:

  •    sites under construction
  •    sites beyond 1M Top Alexa rank
  •    blank sites or sites with no content
  •    sites with 10+ banners and 5+ pops on a single page

We don’t accept websites containing the following content:

  •    Adult, pornographic content
  •    Alcohol
  •    Adware/Malware
  •    Violence
  •    Hate speech, offensive language
  •    Illegal downloads (piracy)
  •    Illegal drugs

•    Anything illegal activities whatsoeve

RealKai Network Details

Commission Type: CPM
Minimum Payment: No threshold for PayPal, $100 for Wire Transfer
Payment Frequency: Biweekly
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Country: Singapore
Contact: Telephone:

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