AyeT-Studios Network Description

We recently developed some incent possibilities for app developers to monetize their user and traffic. (product site: https://www.ayetstudios.com/publishers )
App developers can easily integrate our SDK to give their users the possibility to earn ingame currency with the help of rewarded offerwall, rewarded interstitials or rewarded video offers. We are connected with the most direct demand partners to offer the publishers a 100% fill rate.

Our mission is to build a mobile focused DSP that allows advertisers to tap into all mobile supply channels available to reach their marketing objectives. Therefore ayeT-Studios offers a diverse set of ad formarts for incentivized and non-incentivized ad campaigns. Wheter you are looking for user acquisition, lead generation or brand awareness – we are able to deliver!

The platform operates on a CPI, CPA, CPE, CPV, CPC and CPM bidding basis, which allows advertisers to stay in full control of their campaigns and optimize ad spend to best reach their target audience.

In order to control userflow and deliver at competitive rates, ayeT-Studios operates several publisher assets. Developers and brands can save money by going direct, using the ayeT-Studios self-serve platform to launch every type of mobile ad campaign they desire.

We are an experienced team of motivated entrepreneurs with several years of experience in advertising, online gaming, e-commerce, big data, pricing, and app development.

AyeT-Studios Network Details

Commission Type: CPC, CPI, CPE, CPA, CPV, CPMV, eCPM, Mobile
Minimum Payment: $ 5
Payment Frequency: Request
Payment Method: PayPal, Skrill, Bitpay, Wire
Country: Germany
Contact: Email: support@ayetstudios.com

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