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We,, believe that online advertising should be transparent, that is why we are offering detailed real time stats for our publishers and advertisers.

We don’t hide anything, so you will see exact numbers:
– How many clicks you sent to us
– How many of those clicks we sold to our direct advertisers or partners
– How many of those clicks were filtered due to traffic quality issues and for what reasons

What is more we don’t have any strict requirements for the traffic and we accept all sources – websites, expired domains, social, etc. As long as traffic is real and passes our traffic quality filters – you will get paid for it on CPM basis.

Benefits for Publishers:

– Detailed Real Time Stats
– Simple integration
– We work with any type of traffic: desktop, mobile, website, social, expired domains, etc. we can monetize it all!
– 100% guaranteed payouts, we don’t make corrections for our stats, so all earnings are final
– Automatic payments with low minimum payout: $50 on NET30 basis

Why you should trust us?

– We are officially registered company in USA
– We use Extended company validation Comodo SSL certificate (so called “greenbar”). The data is encrypted and backed by Comodo warranty
– All stats are final, we don’t do any corrections
– We are constantly updating our software, so we could provide our partners great working conditions

Network Details
Commission Type CPA, CPC
Minimum Payout $50
Payment Frequency Net 30
Payment Method PayPal, Wire , Payoneer, Webmoney, CoinPayments,
Country USA
Ad Serving International

AD Network Name: *
URL: *
Email Address: *
Work Phone Number:
Commission Type (CPC, CPM, etc): *CPC, CPI
Minimum Publisher Payout: *30
Payment Frequency: *30
Payment Method: *Paypal , coinpayments,payonner, western union , WIRE Bank
Headquarter Country: *USA
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